A Self-funded Startup since 2002

About Us

Condesa is a self-funded web application company based in the Eastlake neighborhood of Chula Vista, CA. We make PR Leap, a web-based press release distribution system for small businesses.

Mario Lozano and Merrick Lozano, The Lozano brothers, started the company in 2002 because they wanted to be independent and build an internet company together.

We’re privately held, profitable and still a two-person team. To date, we have not taken any outside investment. We do everything in-house: design, develop, launch, market and customer service.

Mario Lozano


Merrick Lozano



Over the years we've created a few web apps and blogs. While we are currently focused on PRLeap, here's what we've worked on since 2002.

  • PRLeap


    PRLeap offers the perfect mix of Online PR. Our publishing platform makes it easy to package your story and leverage SEO, Social Media and our distribution network to spread your message and engage.

  • twitURL


    twitURL was to be a URL Shortener with Analytics. Feature creep set in and then unforeseen circumstances caused us to shutter the project. The Lean Startup would have been handy back in 2008-2009

  • SanDiegoish


    SanDiegoish was a blog about San Diego that covered the arts, nightlife and events. It was Co-Founded by Mario and Merrick Lozano. The blog started in 2006 and ceased publication in 2009.

  • News